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  • Effervescent Creatine Power Formula
  • 3000mg Creatine Monohydrate 
  • 600mg Betaine
  • 500mg Beta Alanine
  • 500mg L-Glutamine
  • 400mg Taurine
  • 30 Servings
  • Free Home Delivery


30 reviews for MYFITNESS CREA – H2O – 300g

  1. Rahul Shetty

    Superb Taste with Awesome Result…

  2. Deepak Jha

    Loved the variety of flavours… awesome flavours..

  3. Kiran Mane

    It gives tremendous energy while work out. Since I started using this product & I have to say it works like a charm…

  4. Nishant Jadhav

    Product available at the Lowest Price with Good Results..Excellent Strength in Workout,Good & effective supplement,nothing to say more than this.

  5. Sanjay Gandhi

    Produces good & fast results,would buy this product again.

  6. Bhavesh Makwana

    Very good for those people who do heavy workouts, Product is genuine..Wonderful!

  7. Ritesh Shah

    You won’t get a better Creatine in this price range,The product surely shows results quickly,product that scores high both in value and effectiveness.Provides additional strength that helps us in our workouts.Wonderful!

  8. Sachin pawar

    Best Creatine available at this price range. Awesome boost of power during workout.The best supplement i have ever used….100% result guarenteed..

  9. Mandar Ambole

    Fabulous Supplement, Product Is Just Awesome…

  10. samjith nahar

    This product is very good and price is very less. Best quality product..

  11. Tarun gandhi

    This is a very good product if taken at proper time…can give a try..

  12. Nagesh rajdeep

    Great product. I can feel the difference when I take CREA-H2O. I can workout more. It gives lots of energy…

  13. laxman singh

    Creatine from MYFITNESS is excellent. The mixability is excellent and it is highly efficient. One of the best brands available especially for creatine since I have used…

  14. nadim khan

    It really works and you can observe the change in 2-3 days , I can experience that I can now workout more time than before…

  15. Nagesh rane

    Amazing product, great results, just drink enough water for maximum utilization…

  16. Prakash Kaul

    Excellent for Gym, it gives strength during the workout, Go for it !!

  17. Srikanth Pal

    Its an awsme product in 15 days i saw the result also deserve 5star every time my order reached me before the delivery date which makes me happy.

  18. aaryan dave

    Awesome delivery … It’s a good product then after 5 day Value for money Quality is brilliant…

  19. Nilesh gamti

    Best creatine it feels hanuman ji in your body…

  20. viraj rajput

    The product packing is fantastic and were delivered before stated time. Will definitely buy again…

  21. mukesh sonaviya

    Very Good Product. Genuine.. Authentication Done. Fantastic Taste …

  22. Manish bhatt

    Taste and mixability really matter when you get amazing results. Go for this product…

  23. Rohin shine

    Awesome delivery… It’s a good product, Value for money Quality is brilliant Thanks Paradise team..

  24. Pawas Sharma

    I never seen this level of creatine Quality…. Now I have only one word MYFITNESS IS THE BEST.

  25. Sujith Saxena

    It’s a great product with great features. Gives recovery faster as it says on the product. This is the best product I have taken so far. Taste is awesome. Also results are very good. Daily enhancement. Feels energetic.

  26. rohit rane

    The MYFITNESS CREA-H2O is really good. At an affordable price you get a high quality product with great mixability.

  27. Dipesh Makwana

    Really fast delivery, new packaging and awesome taste! I consume it with water after workout. The mixibility is good and also you will see the difference in body within few weeks.

  28. Deepak Das

    MYFITNESS Creatine is just worth it.. i got good results using it as well. Premium quality available at half the price. That’s the best part. I suggest others to give it a try. Thumps up for myfitness.

  29. ashitosh jaiswal

    MYFITNESS Creatine is one of the most used and safest supplement to use. I have been using Creatine Monohydrate from quite sometime and have felt the difference in my recovery. I have been using it in my post-workout shake. Very good quality and effective results.

  30. abhishek roy

    Tried all flavors all are good . Best result ,best price,100% authentic, This product is really amazing one. Thumps up for myfitness.

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