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  • 5000mg BCAA 2:1:1
  • 1500mg L-Glutamine
  • 800mg Citruline Malate
  • 500mg Beta Alanine
  • 300mg Taurine
  • 30 Servings
  • Free Home Delivery
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38 reviews for MYFITNESS iBCAA – H2O – 300g

  1. John Fernandes

    Very good taste & result..would buy this product regularly.

  2. viralpandey36

    Its a great product, good taste with excellent results..

  3. Manoj Kumar

    Good Quality product at best price.

  4. Vinod Jain

    This product really works…Good Quality product at best price..Friends try this!

  5. Ganesh Jain

    This product really works,Taste 5/5 Solubility 5/5 protein content 5/5 value for money 5/5,Produces Awesome results.

  6. Tarun Vyas

    Awesome product in this price…I am a regular consumer of this product and the results that I have got are awesome!!

  7. Dhruv Tyagi

    Genuine Product!!Best profile for money, Just go for it.

  8. Mahesh Ravle

    This product tastes great,seriously one of the better tasting ones that i have had.Excellent Product.

  9. Jitesh Dani

    Awesome product incredible taste of All Flavors !

  10. nikhil sampar

    Good supplement in affordable price….

  11. Chetan Sharma

    Awesome product It helps you to maintain your energy level during workouts…

  12. Ankesh ponda

    Energic Workout and good taste…

  13. Nishikant pal

    the product came with a good packing and its 100% genuine product…

  14. Ritness Araya

    blue raspberry and watermelon flavours are delicious. I used to finish the whole mix early and the taste is quite addictive…

  15. Nandeep Raj

    Taste is good im loving it about performance this supplement really provides energy during workout…

  16. ANup Hati

    The taste is good, product delivers great efficiency throughout the workout.

  17. vishva dev

    Original product help to grow muscles and boost energy levels while workouts…

  18. rajive shing

    main beginner hun mujhe result bahut accha mila during workout..

  19. prem solanki

    Taste is good im loving it about performance this supplement really provides energy during workout..

  20. Rajesh Solanki

    Great taste and it makes my workout great and more effective…

  21. David Hodge

    I can feel the energy can go as heavy as I can still doesn’t feel tired…

  22. roshan mahan

    Finally, an awesome BCAA with powerful too. It has high essential amino acids content than normal BCAA brands…

  23. Vikrant Chhikara

    Perfect BCAA does the work after consuming, will recommend to all..

  24. Zaher shakh

    Best BCAA fast recovery and in very genuine price.. At mine point of view is awsmm..

  25. asad kamal

    I Would say this is the most effective and in budget MYFITNESS BCAA in Indian market. Taste and flavour is no doubt awesome!!! I was 100% satisfied with this product. It gave tremendous result and the energy level is getting maintained properly. Surely 100% recommended.

  26. prakesh bhavar

    Provides all essential aminos we need during and after workout..This is the best BCAA I have had so far and I always recommend it to everyone.

  27. Alpesh Shah

    Myfitness is well known for providing best quality supplements at best prices. MYFITNESS BCAA product is perfect. Very good mixability, I am really satisfied with the results.

  28. Sanjay Pal

    Best bcaa fast recovery and in very genuine price.. At mine point of view is awesomme. Good mixable and watermelon flavour is soo great. It is good product and have positive effect on body.

  29. aaryan singhania

    The icy blueberry flavor tastes great and you can see the effects in one week. This BCAA Powder consists of a 2:1:1 ratio of Leucine, Isoleucine and Valine so it a perfect ratio. So its recommended strongly.

  30. Sachin Pawar

    Mai normally 30 mins mai hi thak jata hu apne workout ke time pe, but when i use this MYFITNESS iBCAA-H2O, i am energetic for more 30 mins with an intense training, aapko bhi aisa fayda milega with this MYFITNESS iBCAA-H2O se.

  31. Anurag Das

    What a product after taking MYFITNESS iBCAA-H2O it gives best results. I just love the Icy Watermelon flavor. Great taste with better effect. Really help in recover muscles in intra workout. I liked this product very much. Thanks MYFITNESS

  32. Chetan Patil

    I was very hesitant to use this product. But after reading India’s 1st Premium Brand MYFITNESS iBCAA-H2O review and consulting a physician, I started using Icy Grapefruit flavour. After using it for a month, I can finally say that it is an amazing product in taste, easy to mix and has helped me to achieve my body goals with ease.

  33. Nitin Ghag

    i am so happy with MYFITNESS iBCAA-H2O product seriously this product helps me allot on gym after using Icy Watermelon flavour i feel high energy with better focus and also i see lots of positive changes in my Endurance.

  34. Gaurav Kapoor

    India’s 1st Premium Brand MYFITNESS iBCAA product is good with best results…..if you are veg. take it necessary to overcome muscle fatigue and soreness after you have workout.

  35. Bhavin Gohel

    This product tastes great,The product i ordered from MYFITNESS was very Good Quality. The flavor i had was the Icy Watermelon, seriously one of the better tasting ones that i have had.

  36. Harish Chunekar

    India’s 1st Pemium Brand MYFITNESS iBCAA-H2O has great taste and it makes my workout great and more effective…using it for about a month now.. huge improvement in my body. Must buy product specially Icy Watermelon flavor…

  37. Kaushal Verma

    MYFITNESS iBCAA-H2O bohot push karta hai workout ke time ko. Watermelon and Blue Raspberry use karta hu, it’s quite refreshing. Is product ka yahi mujhe acha laga ki aap do flavor ek saath try kr skte ho same budget mai.

  38. Kaushal Verma

    I tried myfitness ibcaa h2o last time it was much better in price and result compare to xtend bcaa purchased this time. May be due to added Beta Alanine and Taurine in myfitness ibcaa h2o the results are much better during work out.

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